The association Musiques-Échanges

Creation of the organization in 1993

Ever since its creation in 1993, the association Musiques-Échanges has contributed to the artistic reputation of Aix-en-Provence and the PACA region. The association’s activity is part of a policy of cultural proximity. As a festival-academy we welcome artists, teachers, students and their families and we have thus created a long lasting yearly events

The association Musiques-Échanges is the link between the festival that promotes a musical repertoire and the academy that prepares the future. The first goal of the association is to enable intergenerational musical encounters and to offer young talents a platform. Secondly comes the will to create a synergy between different types of populations where artists and public both local and international cross path.
The overall approach is to promote artistic, cultural and social relationships

We organize a music festival and an academy of music. The events take place from the end of July until mid-August, the most touristy period in the South of France. The encounter between our artistic projects and the more remote public is our priority, which is why we have promoted “beyond the walls” activities in the past and will continue to do so.

Les Nuits Pianistiques have their own concert stage at the Musique dans la Rue festival thanks to the succesful partnership between the city of Aix-en-Provence and the association Musiques-Echanges. The different communities of the CPA (Communauté du Pays d’Aix) welcome our concerts from the festival-academy Les nuits pianistiques of Aix-en-Provence so as to enable inhabitants from nearby localities to enjoy the concert program.

Location within the Darius Milhaud Conservatory

In 2006 the city of Aix allowed the association to establish itself within the Darius Milhaud conservatory. This building, the architect Kengo Kuma’s work, renowned for its remarkable design, is a perfect place for work and transmission. It is ideally located next to the Grand Theâtre de Provence, Le Pavillon noir and la Cité du Livre. This cultural forum links the centre and the more remote areas of Aix-en-Provence and is thus a venue where different publics and artistic expressions meet and mix. The Mozart esplanade that links the entrance of the conservatory and the Grand Theâtre is both symbolic and real.

This location gives the organization a strong visibility, and enables an easy access for all types of public, from tourists to local music-lovers. This new venue changed the dimension of our events but not the spirit of our association. It has been a very stimulating challenge that we have managed to address successfully. The conservatory’s concert hall with its outstanding design and acoustics, the Campra auditorium, can seat up to 500 people. During the festival-academy it becomes the centre of gravity where everybody meets.